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May 17 - Youngsters at the Top Level






Congratulations to all our Cap City teams that played this weekend!

At the top level of soccer, it is becoming more and more popular to see youngsters playing, and some are thriving.

Caden Clark, 17 years old, started all 5 of New York Red Bulls’ 2021 MLS games, and what a player.

Technically good with the ball at his feet, confident and strong in and out of possession, and a hard working component in the team.

Daniel Jebbinson, 17 years old, subbed on for last 10 mins of Sheffield United’s game against Everton. Scores the winner and becomes the youngest ever to score on their 1st start in the Premier League.

Jude Bellingham, 17 years old, driving Dortmund to a German Cup win. The youngest English player to score in Champions League History and youngest player to score in Bundesliga, all in the same week!

3 players, bossing the professional game, at 17 years old!

Is 17 too young to play at the top level?

Do players need to be integrated slowly, or should coaches let the players play?

Evidently, letting these ‘boys’ play is working, and we’re seeing more young talent shine in the spotlight. But will this trend continue?

For years, teams has focused on a combination of 1 or 2 of these young players, and the rest of the team being experienced professionals. Not to mention the media, who are always quick to find faults in these youngsters and test them off the field.

Are times changing and we’ll start to see more youngsters starting, like Dortmund?

Do you think teams should include more young players?

Who will be next to break into the limelight?

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter! 





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